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Oh, look, a can opener!



I haven't posted much here on LiveJournal in, oh, I'd estimate about forever. For the next week, therefore, I've decided I'm unbarring the portcullis.

Go ahead. Let's discuss. Anything.

If you don't have anything specific to discuss, I'll throw out a suggestion: I would like to hear from anyone who is planning to vote FOR Donald Trump. Not against Hillary Clinton--although I'll cheerfully discuss that as well if anyone wants--that's different from what I'm asking. If you're viewing a vote for Trump as a positive thing irrespective of his opponent's flaws, I'm interested in hearing your reasons.

GROUND RULES (by which I will also strive to abide)
1. Be respectful of views that differ from yours. Actually listen. Stay polite. Don't say things here you would feel uncomfortable saying in person. Try to imagine the possibility that those different views might have some merit, and that your views could be worth reconsidering to some extent. (In my view, genuine discussion requires remaining open to the possibility that you might not be correct.) Under no circumstances resort to mockery or insults, either of subject matter or of participants.

2. If you make an assertion that you think others might dispute, try to post links to your supporting facts. Links to actual source material, rather than opinions and commentary, will also be greatly appreciated whenever you can find them.

3. On the subject of supporting facts: Try very hard to link to sources as impartial as possible. Examples: Democrats/liberals/progressives, try to avoid MSNBC, Media Matters, and Occupy Democrats. Republicans/conservatives, try to avoid Fox News, Breitbart, and Info Wars. (And if you're about to explain to me why you think one of these examples is unfair and wrong, you're missing my point. If something is factual, you should be able to find it elsewhere.)

4. I've never had to delete anything from my LiveJournal before. Don't make me start now.

5. VOTE.

Any takers?
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